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Here, you can order mercantilia from our events. Based upon a properly filled-in and sent order, we will send you the required title cash on delivery within 7 working days after we receive your order. In case that you want to take over your mercantilia personally and pay in cash, please call the telephone numbers 224 325 224 or 724 559 965. In case of payment by bank transfer, please fill in carefully the data necessary for the issuing and sending of an invoice.

The listed prices include VAT. The cash on delivery mail fee is approximately CZK 100.

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NEW!!! „La Décadanse Revisited“ Monika Načeva/David Cajthaml

V barvách chorobných

Eighteen minutes remix version of the famous song from Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin created on the occasion of the exhibition "Dekadence. Bohemian Lands 1880 - 1914" in Brussels. Released on vinyl LP in a very limited edition of 300 copies.

Price: 290 CZK

Side 1: La Décadanse Revisited (S. Gainsbourg, D. Cajthaml, M. Načeva)

Side 2: La Décadanse Revisited (Transcendent Mix), La Décadanse Revisited (a capella I.), La Décadanse Revisited (a capella II.)

„V barvách chorobných“ (In Sick Colors) 15/11/2007 to 18/02/2008, Municipal House in Prague

V barvách chorobných

Postcards with some of the exhibited works, price: 20 CZK/piece

Markýz von Bayros: Bílý páv (White Peacock); K. Hlaváček: from the Poutnice (Wanderer) series ; F. Kaván: Zoufalství (Desperation); F. Kobliha: from the Kleopatra series, from the Máj (May) series; Q. Kocian: Umělcův úděl (An Artist’s Lot); J. Konůpek: Extáze (Salome) (Ecstasy), Ofélie; J. Panuška: Upír (Vampire); Expressive Head; M. Pirner: Noc milenců (Lovers’ Night); H. Steiner-Prague, from the Golem series; L. Šaloun: An Egyptian Female’s Head; R. Teschner: Čaroděj (Sorcerer), Sabat (Sabbath); J. Váchal: Pokušení (Temptation), Somnambula.

„The True Story of Cílek and Lída” 27/04/2007 to 27/05/2007, Communication space Školská 28

Skutečný příběh cílka a Lídy - obal

Skutečný příběh cílka a Lídy – new comic book by F. Skála
Author: František Skála, publisher: Arbor vitae, ISBN: 80-86300-86-2, 112 pages, bound,  published in: 2007
Price: CZK 580 (in Czech), CZK 680 (in English)

Postcards with pictures from the book Skutečný příběh Cílka a Lídy (8 types), price: CZK 25/piece

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