Guitar Across Styles

Kytara napříč žánry

The international music festival called GUITAR ACROSS STYLES was founded in the year 1998. The reason for it was the absence of that kind of non-commercial festival in the capital city of the country, which has been one of the most successful in international contests in the history of guitar playing.

The festival has gradually become famous and is known throughout the whole world for its high artistic level. To interprets of different genres perform here. For this reason, the Prague Magistrate has made it one of the most prestigious festivals in the Prague area (e.g. next to the Prague Spring). The festival takes place each year in the fall and besides important artists, students of Czech art schools also get a chance to perform here. Besides Prague, the concerts take place in other regions of the Czech Republic and also abroad.

Thanks to its position, the festival is regularly being financially supported for example by the Prague Magistrate, by the Magistrate of Pardubice, by the OSA Foundation, by the  ČHF Foundation, by the Association of Authors and Interpreters, the Czech-German Future Fund and some foreign embassies located in our country.

Program of the 15th international festival (autumn 2012)

Information on upcoming concerts of the festival and the current, continuously updated program can be found here.

Archive of the festival