Wild Men on Earth And Fools

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The project WILD MEN ON EARTH AND FOOLS was established through cooperation between the Taktika Muzika arts agency and the Prague City Library. It is following up to the highly successful project Rebelling Dames of the Czech Music, which the Taktika Muzika has been realizing at the big hall of the City Library in Prague already since the year 2004 and which presents the contemporary female face of the Czech music scene.

The dramaturgy of the project Wild Men on Earth and Fools is determined by the idea to present to the Prague audience important artistic personalities of all music genres (from folk through rock, jazz, pop up to classic music).

A common characteristic of the invited artists is a distinguished personality and exceptional artistic development and maturing, which for us means a certain "wildness" of these special men – artists.

Wild men in Prague 2012

  • 6.12. Richard Tesařík and the YoYo Band: CANCELLED!!!
  • 29.11. Petr Ulrych - Javory Beat with a Christmas tasting (takes placenat the Hybernia Theatre)
  • 11.10.  THE BEST OF PAVOL HAMMEL, guest: Radim Hladík

The City Library Prague, Big hall, 7:30 p.m. (unless stated otherwise)

Already presented themselves


Karel Plíhal (Litoměřice), Jiří Schmitzer (Litoměřice), Vlasta Redl a Naše nová kapela (Litoměřice)


Miroslav Paleček a Ivo Jahelka, Karel Plíhal, Jiří Schmitzer


Karel Plíhal, Robert Křesťan and Druhá Tráva, Radim Hladík and Blue Effect, Ivan Hlas Trio and Vladimír Mišík (Česká Lípa), Jiří Schmitzer (Česká Lípa), Jan Budař and the Eliščin Band (Česká Lípa)


Karel Plíhal, Žlutý pes, Ivan Hlas trio and Vladimír Mišík, Jan Budař and the Eliščin Band


Karel Plíhal, Zdeněk Vřešťál and Nerez, Bratři Ebenové


Jiří Schmitzer, Dan Bárta and the Robert Balzar trio,  Psí vojáci,  Jan Hrubý and Kukulín



Václav Koubek, Xavier Baumaxa, Tros Sketos Serios, Bratři Orffové and Schodiště