Laterna magika – CODE 58.08, Blackmoons

27. 05. 2008 07:20

Accompanying programme for the exhibition "The Brussels Dream" performance

City Library, Big Hall, Mariánské náměstí 1, Prague 1
entrance fee: CZK 180 / City Library ticket office

CODE 58.08

Multimedia show dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the World Fair Expo 58 and founding Laterna magika. The authors revisit some of principles of the first performance staged in Brussels, attempting to see it through the eyes of contemporary young artists. The choreography is markedly stylized into the 1960s. CODE 58.08 is not only a reference to the past, but also an original multimedia performance, linking dance, the visual arts, film and music.

Story and script: Michal Cimala,Václav Janeček; director: Michal Cimala, Jan Loukota; visual design: Michal Cimala; music: Stanislav Abrahám; choreography: Pavel Strouhal; camera and editing postproduction: Jan Loukota; special effects animation: Matěj Hájek, Jakub Nepraš; costume design: Pavel Ivančic.

Dancers: Laterna magika corps de ballet


Three strange visitors set out on an exploration through a mysterious world. The switch they find sets off by mistake a performance full of comic situations, gags and absurd encounters.

This performance is the first common project of the newly established “Skupina extrémní klauniády s. r. o.” (A Group of Extreme Clownery). The group’s members have experience from leading theatres and ensembles, such as Theatre on the Balustrade, Laterna Magika, Jiří Srnec’s Black Theatre, Loonies – a Club of Crazy Mimes, GAG Theatre and Pavel Šmok’s Prague Chamber Ballet.

Starring: Miloslav Horáček, Josef Kotěšovský, Rudolf Papežík