The Festive Pop in Rudolfinum

31. 03. 2010 07:30

Accompanying programme of the exhibition 200 dm³ of Breath Suk Hall, Rudolfinum, Alšovo nábř. 12, Prague 1

Within the opening of the 200 dm³ of Breath exhibition, a concert of the art group Festive pop will take place at the Suk Hall in Rudolfinum. The concert is an audiovisual show, improvisation of the group of visual artists and musicians who create together a very specific language full of cabaret poetics, ambient, folk songs and storming dance. Visitors can look forward an unusual evening where the music, projection and visual art will be united.

Petr Nikl -  voice, lute, improvisation with luminous objects

Milan Cais - voice, percussion, surprise
Ondřej Smeykal - didgeridoo
Jiří Hradil - keyboard