Three Women's Perspective on the Guitar: Janet Robin (USA), L. Filipová (CZ), D. Voňková (CZ)

12. 09. 2010 07:30

The concert takes place within the 13th International Music Festival GUITAR ACROSS STYLES Národní technická knihovna, Technická 2710/6, Prague 6

Folk, rock, pop

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Janet Robin (USA)

While still a young girl, the charismatic American singer and guitarist became a pupil of metal guitarist Randy Rhodes, known mainly for his collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne. Later, she became a member of Lindsay Buckingham's band (of Fleetwood Mac's fame). Before long, the young guitarist was invited to play in the band of Meredith Brooks, famous for her worldwide hit Bitch. While touring with Meredith, she started to work on her solo career. She released three critically acclaimed albums and appeared as a guest on releases and concerts of many a respected musician. She performed with Air Supply whose great hit "Lost in Love" is known to the Czech audience in a cover version sung by Lenka Filipová and Karel Zich (Mosty). On her last album Everything Has Changed (2010), produced by legendary singer Johnny Cash's son John Carter Cash, she dedicated one song to the Czech capital. It's called Everybody Falls in Love in Prague. Janet performed in the Czech Republic in 2007 and 2008 with the band November 2nd and last year she was invited by singer and guitarist Lenka Filipová to join her as a guest on her Czecho-Slovak tour.

Lenka Filipová (CZ)

The popular singer and guitarist studied classical guitar at the Prague Conservatory and at the International Music Academy in Paris. She is known also as a songwriter whose many songs have become great and lasting hits. She performed in all countries of Europe, in Japan, the USA and Canada. In 2008 she appeared as a guest at Céline Dion's concert in Prague. She has released 10 studio albums and 4 classical guitar albums. Currently she performs at concerts and festivals with Trio Lenky Filipové (Lenka Filipová Trio) together with Mirek Linhart (YoYo Band) and Celtic harpist Sean Barry.

Dagmar Voňková-Andrtová (CZ)

Dagmar Voňková-Andrtová is a Czech guitarist, singer and songwriter. After completing grammar school she studied at a pedagogical faculty for two years and then held a number of odd jobs, combining work with her devotion to music. Her official music career started off in 1971 when she was featured in the Mladý svět magazine. Later she became a member of Šafrán, the creative group of songwriters whose other member were Jaroslav Hutka, Vladimír Merta and Vlastimil Třešňák. After Šafrán dissolved, Dagmar took a hiatus from performing and enjoyed a comeback in the 1980s with her strikingly unique style of guitar playing and song writing. Her contribution lies mainly in the notable guitar playing technique full of experiments never tried by anyone else before. She uses two or three bows, plays on the fingerboard using her right hand, and she scratches the strings with her nails etc. She was also recognized abroad, being one of the first Czechs to perform at the respected Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The double album Milí moji (Dear My), which is her most complete release to date, came out in 2004. The title of her last album is Slunci ležím v rukou (Lying in the Hands of Sun) and she recorded it with guitarist Zdeněk Zdeněk.