Tommy Emmanuel (AUS/USA), special guest: Joe Robinson (AUS)

19. 11. 2010 08:00

The concert takes place within the 13th International Music Festival GUITAR ACROSS STYLES KC Vltavská, Bubenská 1, Prague 7

Finger-picking, blues, rock
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Tommy Emmanuel (AUS/USA)

One of the greatest guitarists in the world, Australian Tommy Emmanuel was born on May 21, 1955 in New South Wales. He is regarded as the fastest playing guitarist on the planet. Eric Clapton said about him that there hadn't been and there would not be a player like him for a long time. He was nominated for a Grammy and in 1999 he was awarded the CGP (Certified Guitar Player) title for his lifelong contribution to guitar playing. In 2000 he performed at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games to an audience of 2.75 billion people worldwide. Tommy Emmanuel is known for his finger-picking style which is completely of his own. He uses both thumbs, he plucks with both hands (even on the fingerboard), and he creates various sound effects using the whole body of the guitar. Using the guitar as a drum kit, he can play long drum solos that are almost undistinguishable from real drums in sound and technique. He gives about three hundred performances a year at places around the word. His concerts are fantastic musical experiences for a great number of reasons, two of which are his charm and sense of humour.

Joe Robinson (AUS)

Australian guitarist and winner of the second series of Australia's Got Talent in 2008. He is best known for his fingerpicking style of playing the guitar in the tradition of Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and Tommy Emmanuel. Joe Robinson, nicknamed Smokin' Joe, was born in 1991 in Temagog, New South Wales, Australia. He started playing the piano at the age of six only because he was told his fingers were too small to play the guitar. Aged ten, he quit and began to play the guitar. He outgrew his guitar teacher in less then 12 months, and he started to teach himself from the Internet. In 2007 he released his debut album titled Birdseed. At the age of 16, Robinson signed up for the second series of Australia's Got Talent, eventually winning the grand prize on July 2008 with a performance of Tommy Emmanuel's arrangement of Classical Gas. After the show he went to Nashville and recorded his second album Time Jumpin'.