Ida Kelarová and Jazz Famelija

22. 03. 2012 19:30

A concert from the series Rebelling Dames of the Czech Music The Big Hall of the City Library in Prague, Mariánské square 1, Prague 1

Tickets available at the ticket office of the City Library in Prague Městské knihovny (tel.: 222 113 425/377) and at Ticketpro and Ticketportal nets.

Emotions go hand in hand with an infectious rhythm.
This is Ida Kelarová and her "gipsy jazz".

Ida Kelarová is one of the highly visible personalities of contemporary European music scene. Perhaps best known is her very experienced work with people and human voice. Twenty years ago she founded the International School School for Human Voice, which during the Years became well-known all over the continent. Her ability (while singing) to open her own heart and to bring out all her emotions is already legendary. The Jazz Famelija formation is characterized by linking Roma harmonies and Latin-American rhythms with jazz band sound. Although it is composed of excellent musicians (Ondřej Krajňák, Tomáš Baroš, Desiderius Dužda and others), Ida Kelarová still remains the leader of the band. Her intuition and emotion leads musicians from the slow, sad songs to the final czardas. Jazz Famelija  will impress you even if you are not a jazz enthusiast...

...and do not worry that you would not understand the message of texts sung in Romani...