Bára Hrzánová a Condurango

20. 03. 2013 19:30

Masarykův kulturní dům, U Sadů 323, Mělník


A concert from the series Rebelling Dames of the Czech Music Culture


Bára Hrzánová & Condurango

Condurango band was founded in the early 80's by several students of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. It is inspired by Latin American rhythms and modern Czech folk as well (bands like Nerez or Marsyas). The current face of the band consists of an assembly that has been stable since the early 90's. Besides a very well known Czech actress Bára Hrzánová (vocals, percussion, trumpet) it consists of Vladimír Kosík (vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion), Ivo Novák (guitar, vocals) and Míla Šikola (violoncello).